Turns your mobile device to a great tool for your daily work in the field!

Use your mobile device to make the first calculations while you are in the field...

Apps4Grids will support you to make first calculations while you are in the field.


All our apps are designed by experienced engineers introducing best operating practices into mobile applications.

By using the power of your smart phone in combination with our apps you are able to reduce overall maintenance time.


Furthermore you will get support in your engineering decisions without the need to go quickly back to the office doing calculation at the desktop.

Apps4Grids turns your mobile device to a great tool for your daily work in the field!

Main focus of our apps is to support the operation of oil and gas pipelines.


Based on our own experiences we have developed the apps to answer questions which arise each day during your operating activities.

Most of us have to deal with aged grids impacted by corrosion defects and others influences.


How to cope with this kind of questions is not shown in a study book, hopefully you learn from experienced colleagues.

We have transformed this learnings into powerful apps.

An example: - within you works in the field you discover

corrosion defects on the pipe. Now you ask yourself what to do?


Do we have to shut down?

Do we have to reduce the operation pressure?

Is it safe to operate without reducing the pressure?

By putting in the relevant data (material, operating pressure, …) our app will calculate the impact of the corrosion with respect to the stability of the pipe.

You could choose to do the calculation according to DNV or ASME code.

Furthermore you choose your set of units.

As a result the app will support your decision in the field

by a quick calculation.

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